BGVs for Matthew Perryman Jones - Live at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN

BGVs for Joseph Lemay - Live in Dyersburg, TN - "Trailer Trash Ep. 1"

Molly Parden // BGVs DEMO REEL

Caleb Groh "Ocelot" (release TBA)

Erin Rae & the Meanwhiles "Soon Enough" (release TBA)

Jake McMullen (TBA)

Andrew Combs (TBA)

Sam Heilig (TBA)

Michaela Thomas "Scandinavia" 2014

Joseph Lemay "Seventeen Acres"  2014

Peter Bradley Adams "The Mighty Storm" 2014

Liza Anne "The Colder Months" 2014

Faye Webster "Run and Tell" 2013

Faye Webster "Wrong People" (single) 2013

Stella Stagecoach "Honest Try" (single) 2013

Castle Island Hymns "Castle Island Hymns" 2013

Bifrost Arts "He Will Not Cry Out" 2013

Threadbare, Brother "The Fool" (single) 2013

Besides Daniel "This Marvelous Grief" 2013

Peter Bradley Adams "Longer I Run" (single) 2012

Tyler Lyle "The Golden Age & The Silver Girl" (released 2012)

Stefan Cashwell "Stories" (released 2011)