My brand new song "Kentucky, I" was released 9/9/14 exclusively on iTunes's "Native: Americana Spotlight" compilation alongside some of the finest songwriters I've heard. More new music to come, please stay tuned!

BGVs for Matthew Perryman Jones - Live at Brown Owl Studios in Nashville, TN

BGVs for Joseph Lemay - Live in Dyersburg, TN - "Trailer Trash Ep. 1"

Molly Parden // BGVs DEMO REEL

Caleb Groh "Ocelot" (release TBA) - NSH

Erin Rae & the Meanwhiles "Soon Enough" (release TBA) - NSH

Chad Barela (TBA) - NSH

Jake McMullen (TBA) - NSH

Andrew Combs (TBA) - NSH

Sam Heilig (TBA) - Athens, GA

Wilder Adkins (TBA) - BHAM

Neal Carpenter "Good Guys" 2014 NSH

Mandi Mapes "He & She" 2014 - NSH

Michaela Thomas "Scandinavia" 2014 - NSH

Joseph Lemay "Seventeen Acres"  2014 - NSH

Peter Bradley Adams "The Mighty Storm" 2014 - NSH

Liza Anne "The Colder Months" 2014 - NSH

Faye Webster "Run and Tell" 2013 - NSH

Faye Webster "Wrong People" (single) 2013 - NSH

Stella Stagecoach "Honest Try" (single) 2013 - NSH

Castle Island Hymns "Castle Island Hymns" 2013 - NSH

Bifrost Arts "He Will Not Cry Out" 2013 - C'VILLE

Threadbare, Brother "The Fool" (single) 2013 - ATL

Besides Daniel "This Marvelous Grief" 2013 - ATL

Peter Bradley Adams "Longer I Run" (single) 2012 - NSH

Peter Bradley Adams "Between Us" 2012 - NYC

Tyler Lyle "The Golden Age & The Silver Girl" (released 2012) - ATL

Stefan Cashwell "Stories" (released 2011) - ATL